Audition Information

Audition Notices


Monday, Sep. 16 | 6:30 PM
Tuesday, Sep. 17 | 6:30 PM
The Zodiac Theatre
Directed by Patty Hughes

Please be prepared to read lines from the script. Watch this website for audition scenes.

Roles Available
The Gingerbread Players (boys/girls, age 10-14)
These 2 characters introduce the play and act as “ambassadors” in the lobby before, during, and after the show.

Girls (age 10-14) with speaking parts
Ermengarde, Lottie, Alice, Jessie, Lavinia, Becky, and Sara

Girls (age 8-14) non-speaking roles
Other students in Miss Minchin’s school (at least 5 roles available)

Women (age 17+)
Miss Minchin, Miss Amelia, Cook, Mrs. Carmichael, Mrs. Perkins, and possibly one non-speaking role

Men (age 17+)
Mr. Barrow, Ram Dass, Mr. Carrisford, Mr. Carmichael (One man, Ram Dass, must have black hair and a dark complexion, as he is from India.)

Becky will need a cockney accent, and Ram Dass will need a slight Indian accent. All other characters will need to speak with a subtle British accent because the play is set in London.

This is a musical, so everyone must sing. Prepare 60 seconds of a show tune—no radio songs—and bring a cd to accompany yourself. If your accompaniment is on a cell phone, we will try to have a speaker system set up for that, but we make no promises.

Download audition scripts here!

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